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Investing In Students

Vote YES on November 6!
Investing in students improves our community

Education has a direct impact on everyone in our community. When we invest in our schools and our students, our entire community profits. It results in higher incomes, better jobs, rising property values and a healthy economy.

Right now, because of inadequate state funding, our students face a future in aging, crowded schools and our community faces a $2 billion challenge. The half-penny sales tax education referendum on the November 6 ballot would generate approximately $131 million per year for ten years that would be spent on specific projects to improve our public schools.

Immediately improves our community by

Raising property values
Making our county more attractive to busineses, creating high quality jobs
Generating more than $1 billion in construction and renovation spending, boosting our local economy
Better preparing our area for hurricanes with new, strong schools as shelters

Saves taxpayer dollars in the long run by

Repairing and upgrading systems, instead of patching aging and inefficient systems
Locating new schools in fast-growing areas, closer to where students live, improving bus transportation efficiency
Preventing school overcrowding, since building new schools reduces wear-and-tear on existing schools
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